Finally! It's taken months of editing and hours of encoding, but we've got video of this years event available for your clicking pleasure.

Thanks to everyone who came out to be a part of this historic event. That means YOU, the audience, speakers, panelists, volunteers, artists, dot-commies and Ted Kaczynski's of the world.

Webzine 2000 doesn't have to end here! A web log has been setup to keep abreast of post-event activities, media coverage and other nonsense.

Independent Web Publishers Unite in San Francisco

SAN FRANCISCO, CA Allies of independent publishing on the internet will gather on July 22nd in San Francisco for an exhibition, forum, and party to celebrate those who create and hope to create for the new medium. WEBZINE 2000 will showcase the web's finest non-commercial projects and host over 50 speakers and panelists throughout the 10 hour summit. Young and old are invited to join some of the web's most radical creators to discuss the future and current state of homespun web projects.

The world's media landscape has exploded with the onset of affordable desktop computers and access to hi-speed internet connections. Millions of people join the internet revolution every day, but are totally unaware of the meaningful ways they can contribute. Modern computer users own the tools used to create and present films, radio stations, newspapers, journals, and television shows. WEBZINE 2000 hopes to raise awareness about the importance of independent voices being heard on the internet.

"The online audience is huge now, but imagine what it will be like in five to ten years. Millions of people that use the Internet are sharing their voices, ideas, and dreams with others for the first time through this phenomenal two-way mass communications medium. Individual voices are an extremely important part of the evolution of the internet. It's a very exciting time to participate in the web!" says event organizer Ryan Junell.

That is why WEBZINE 2000 exists. Many of the event's participants work day jobs at dot.coms to fund their late nights working on personal creative projects for the web. The speakers will share personal experiences and critique the state of the internet through moderated panels. There will also be performances, a webzine-making workshop, and interactive art. In addition, a party will feature live experimental digital music performances using laptop computers and other electronic devices.

"It is refreshing to have the WEBZINE conference to balance out the energy. In fact, I think it is critical. The time has come to reclaim the Web for our own purposes. WEBZINE 2000 is the training camp for the Web Insurrection." says Julie Chiron, editor of

WEBZINE 2000 is a grassroots event that is organized completely by volunteers. While their websites and experiences are extremely diverse, all of the organizers are passionate about the importance of independent voices being heard on the internet. They hope to remind web users that the internet offers far more than a convenient way to shop.

"Even if the thought of publishing an entire website seems overwhelming, there are other ways that the internet can add some creative spice to our lives" says's Kim Corbin. "I'm involved with WEBZINE 2000 because I want to help people realize that the internet is a great outlet for living our passions and exploring new hobbies. No matter what you are into, you can find others people who are just like you. I think that is the true value of the internet."

The event will be held on July 22nd from 4pm until 2am at 2050 Bryant Street in San Francisco, California. Admittance is $5 - 10 sliding scale and people under the age of 18 will be admitted free of charge. A live webcast will be available during the event and will be archived on this website.